If you are a commercial coffee roaster and would like to order large quantities of green coffee beans, please contact us. We offer competitive rates for large and regular orders, and we can help you find a coffee that will suit your criteria, including flavour profile, certifications and pricing.

Wholesale information:

Packaging: we ship the coffee to you in the original 60 kg jute bag, lined with a hermetic plastic layer (i.e. Grain-Pro). We also occasionally have coffee that comes in the new 30 kg lined paper sacks.

Minimum order quantity: the minimum order quantity is one bag.

Ordering: wholesale orders must be done over the phone or via email, please contact us.

Shipping: we can organise shipping to anywhere in New Zealand. Delivery is done via truck and charged at pallet rates. A pallet can carry up to 10 x 60 kg coffee bags. Estimated pallet shipping rates (GST inclusive):

RegionEstimated Delivery Cost
Upper North Island$95
Lower North Island $160
Upper South Island$265
Lower South Island$290

Our delivery arrangement is FOT (Free on Truck), meaning that ownership and liability of the coffee bags pass to the buyer once the goods are loaded onto a truck for delivery.

Handling: each freight shipment has a fee of approx. 30 NZD to cover the pallet cost, labour and strapping/wrapping the coffee.

Coffee prices: our coffee prices are regularly updated as they are subject to global coffee market and exchange rates. Coffee prices do not include delivery and GST. We offer competitive rates for large and regular orders.

Samples: samples are only available to wholesale customers before committing to larger amounts. Handling and delivery fees may also apply.

Inventory: we keep sufficient stock in Auckland to supply regular shipments to small and medium-scale roasteries. We also ship coffee on contract from Brazil. Expected turnaround is 6-8 weeks. Contact us to ask about our latest inventory.

Payment: payment terms will be negotiated with each customer. For first-time customers, payment is required up front before the coffee is shipped. All payments are required via bank transfer.

Cancellations, returns, and refunds: we can accommodate cancellation and return of NZ-based inventory, subject to restocking and return delivery fees. For overseas based inventory, the cancellation terms will be stipulated in the contract. Claims of defective or incorrect products must be made within ten days of delivery. Defective or incorrectly delivery products will be replaced or refunded.

For more information on wholesale supply, contact us.