Brazil Falcafé UTZ, Natural (Specialty)

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A specialty green coffee bean blend prepared by the experts at Falcafé coffee cooperative. Made from coffee beans sourced from UTZ certified farms surrounding the Sul de Minas region and Mogiana regions of Brazil.

An excellent choice for the ultra-conscious eco-friendly consumer keen to support the UTZ programme. UTZ is the largest sustainability program in the world for coffee. It enables farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take better care of the environment.

Roast recommendation: good for espresso but also suitable for pour-over brews. Medium to medium-dark roast for espresso (Full City to Full City+), and light roast for pour-over (City to City+).

In the cup: cocoa, caramel, buttercream, with subtle nuts and berry accents.

Producer name:Falcafé Cooperativa
Regions:Sul de Minas & Mogiana
Coordinates:22°16'39.0"S 46°22'50.5"W
Varietals:Mundo Novo & Catuaí
Bean size:17/18
Bean grade:Specialty NY 2/3 S
Flavour notes: Cocoa, Caramel, Buttercream, Nuts, Berries
Body: Dense
Acidity: Medium
Sweetness: High
Finish: Clean and very enjoyable
Cupping score: 81 points

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Falcafé is a coffee cooperative based in the town of Espírito Santo to Pinhal – Brazil, and they operate coffee processing mills in the growing regions of Mogiana and Sul de Minas.

Falcafé develops collaborative partnerships with local farmers by offering financial assistance, training, and resources to introduce sustainable farming practices and encourage the production of high-end coffee, which increases the demand for their coffee and ultimately raises their return.

The co-op buys the coffee from the local farmers and then on-sell after it has been processed and graded at one of its plants.

Some of the higher-end coffees are offered as “microlots” or “single-farm” and sometimes only available through auction. Other coffee beans are combined based on terroir and flavour profiles and offered as “single-region blends”.

Falcafé is known for its annual regional coffee quality contest and auction, which showcases specialty coffee from the Sul de Minas and Mogiana regions and attract buyers from all over the world. Some of winning lots, exceedingly high in cupping score, can fetch thousands of dollars at the auction! This serves as a massive incentive to the local farmers to keep improving and producing high-quality speciality coffee.

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