Brazil Falcafé Fine Cup, Natural (Specialty)

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Our most elegant Fine Cup to date! Traditional Brazil flavours with a hint of berries and citrus. Slightly more complex than our 2017-18 Fine Cup and higher in cup score at 82-points.

An excellent choice for developing the base for an espresso blend or as your everyday coffee. It will also appeal to those looking for a cost-effective option to practice roasting!

This single-region blend was prepared by the experts at Falcafé Co-op exclusively for RNG Coffee, featuring coffee beans sourced from small farms surrounding the co-op in the Sul de Minas region of Brazil.

Roast recommendation: it tastes great on its own as a pour-over (light roasted City/City+) or espresso (medium roasted Full City/Full City+), but don’t be afraid to experiment with blending and going full French.

In the cup: classic Brazil flavours, cocoa, caramel, nuts, molasses with notes of citric fruits and berries. Well-balanced acidity, body, and sweetness. Great crema!

Producer name:Falcafé Cooperativa
Region:Sul de Minas
Coordinates:22°16'39.0"S 46°22'50.5"W
Varietals:Mundo Novo & Catuaí
Bean size:17/18
Bean grade:Specialty NY 2/3 SS
Flavour notes: Cocoa, Caramel, Nuts, Molasses, Citric Fruits, Berries
Body: Creamy
Acidity: Medium to medium-high
Sweetness: High
Finish: Clean
Cupping score: 82 points


Falcafé is a coffee cooperative with branches in Mogiana and Sul de Minas, the two most important coffee-growing regions of Brazil.

Falcafé forms collaborative partnerships with local farmers providing financial assistance, knowledge, and resources to build their capacity, encourage sustainable farming practices and drive the production of specialty-grade coffee that is sought-after internationally.

By working together, farmers and co-op can improve their coffee quality and strengthen their position in the supply chain. Farmers end up getting a better deal for their coffee, resulting in a more sustainable and equitable economic growth across the region.

Falcafé also provides farmers with an international platform to showcase their product, by doing their marketing, setting up social media accounts, organising events, and attending coffee expos around the world.

The annual coffee quality awards and auction organised by Falcafé attracts buyers from all over the world looking for the latest and greatest in specialty coffee.

Some of winning micro-lots lots, exceedingly high in cupping score, can fetch thousands of dollars at the auction. That is a massive incentive for the farmers to keep improving and committed to producing the highest quality coffee possible.

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