Our Coffee

We source our coffee from small coffee farms and cooperatives located in the Mogiana regions and Sul de Minas region of Brazil, where the best Brazilian coffee comes from! Some of our suppliers are multi-award winners coffee farms, with multiple Cup of Excellence (COE) awards under their belt.

By trading with reputable producers that we know well and trust, we will give you the peace of mind in knowing that the coffee you are drinking was grown by mean of sustainable farming practices and that the farmers and workers were appropriately rewarded for their hard work.

We also provide a level of traceability that possibly no other green coffee supplier in New Zealand can: we can tell you the exact location where your coffee comes from, including the farm's name, location (Inc. GPS coordinates), terroir, the varietal of coffee, farming and harvesting methods.

We offer you some of Brazil’s finest coffees, and you are sure to find a coffee you will love in our shop!